Generator Specialists

At the core of Genworks Australia’s business is our power generation services.

Predominately working in the power generation sector has provided us with an extensive knowledge of power generation and distribution systems. Generators from 5kVA to Multi MW power plants.

Generator Works

Expertise in power generation means peace of mind for our clients knowing that they can rely on Genworks Australia for their generator work solutions.

For more information on our services or for any generator works solution contact us today.

Generators For Sale - New & Used


New Diesel Generators For Sale

Genworks Australia Pty Ltd superior designed and built generators represent Quality and Value!

Great range of Generators in stock, available for immediate delivery.

We import direct from the manufacturer to save you money!

Generators Custom Built


Custom Built Generators

Generators  from 5kVA to 500kVA.
Generators built tough to ensure they will withstand challenging environments.
As generators are made to order there are many options we are able to include to suit your needs.

Generator Repairs

Generator Repairs

Genworks Australia provides field service generator repairs for our clients. We are able to conduct a generator fault diagnosis for you and advise if the damaged component can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

These generator repairs may be as simple as a loose electrical connection which could be repaired quickly to reduce your equipment downtime.

Generator Servicing

Generator Servicing

Genworks Australia provides field service preventative maintenance for our clients. We are able to conduct on site generator inspections for you.

Our inspections are recommended as they monitor the equipment condition and allow us to proactively identify any maintenance or operational issues before they become problematic.

Generator Installations

Generator Installation

Genworks Australia provides backup generator installations for our clients. We are able to install new or used generators and customise a complete system to suit your site power requirements.

We are able to perform a site appraisal with you to determine your requirements and, with our network of suppliers, we can supply and install a complete automatic starting backup generator power system.

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