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Home Backup Generator Australia

Keeping the lights on with a backup generator

Backup Generator for Home

Backup Generator for Home

Backup Generator for Home. Imagine the great sense of annoyance and dread when you're inside relaxing or working away looking at your screen. Then without warning you hear the distinct sound and dullness as in an instant the power goes out. All is quiet now, lights out, even the familiar humming of the refrigerator or air/con have gone. It's a humbling feeling knowing loss of power is out of your control. This is why homeowners who like to be prepared are choosing backup generator power.

Is a backup generator worth it?

Power outages seem to happen at the worst possible times, from storms, bush fires, falling trees, planned power outages maintenance works or other issues. Many homeowners in Australia experience prolonged periods without power, for days, causing all sorts of problems. Losing food due to fridges/freezers not working, loss of comfort because the air-con can't run, electric powered water-pump not working, and not being able to see in the dark at night are some of the common problems.

Don't worry Genworks Australia can help you get your power back, with a backup generator. Taking all the hassle out of power outages! 

Which backup generator is best for a House?

We work this out by determining the type and number of appliances you want to power. Then consider how often you may need the generator? If you're in an area where power outages happen only once in a while then a basic portable generator with manual changeover switch is the cheapest choice. If you are at risk of severe prolonged power outages, have medical equipment that is critical to run, or work from home then a stationary generator with automatic transfer switch (ATS) is the best option.

How to install backup generator at home?

There's a couple ways to do it:

You could have a Manual Changeover Switch installed into your power board by a licenced electrician and use a portable petrol or diesel generator for backup power.

Portable Backup Generator

The best option for backup generator power is to have a fully automatic system installed, Stationary Diesel Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) panel. These systems are built in our workshop, they are customised to suit your individual generator backup power needs.

We could quote to install the generator for you or you may only need us to provide assistance to your own electrician. If you're ready to power-up with our generator works expertise and support on hand then call the Genworks Australia team now. (07) 3466 0658 


Demand for home backup generators is booming!

Power outages are becoming increasingly common in Australia and large numbers of households have gone without power for days at a time. More people are choosing to purchase a backup generator to keep essential items running when the power goes out.

Yamaha Generators

Reliable Backup Generators

Yamaha inverter generators are a terrific option whether you just want to keep the bare essentials running or power your whole house.

The AVR controlled EF7200E is another popular option for this purpose and is an alternative to an inverter generator that still produces clean, stable power.

Take advantage of the 6kVA AVR generator EF7200E, a popular solution for home backup. Check out the features of this unit.

Yamaha EF7200E Generator

For added portability, grab a handy wheel kit. The wheel kit features a centre point lift eyelet and the sturdy wheelbarrow handles folds down for easy storage. Assembly is required for this accessory which is sold separately (Part No.: 7P6-YF510-20-00-80).

This is a very popular accessory which pairs up superbly with the best selling home backup generator.

Households don’t have to worry about blackouts when they have a Yamaha generator. Yamaha is the trusted brand to provide enough power to be able to run most homes and appliances.

Yamaha Generators Complete Range available from Genworks Australia

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Dunlite Honda Powered Generator for Homes and Farms Backup Generator Power

It is important to plan ahead for the upcoming storm and fire season. Don't get caught with no power when you need it most. We've been going strong for 80 years so you can always depend on a Dunlite.

Dunlite Generators Complete Range available from Genworks Australia

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